Cozy and romantic restaurants in Moraira for special occasions

Dining in Moraira becomes an unparalleled experience at Restaurante Javi's, a culinary haven in the vibrant heart of the town. Opened in 2017 by Javi's family, this establishment has earned acclaim for its exceptional fusion of Mediterranean cuisine with global innovations, thanks to Javi's international experiences. Each dish reflects a perfect harmony between traditional flavors and foreign influences, creating a menu full of surprises and freshness.

Quality is evident in its ingredients, with a focus on freshly selected fish daily, ensuring the best of the sea on your plate. This dedication to freshness is complemented by an exquisite selection of wines, mainly from Alicante, and an innovative cocktail menu that enhances every meal.

Located near iconic landmarks such as Moraira Castle and L’Ampolla Beach, Javi's offers more than just a meal; it's a complete sensory experience. With menus that evolve bi-weekly, it invites diners to explore new flavors and textures. Choosing to dine at Javi's Restaurant in Moraira means embarking on a culinary journey that surprises and delights at every turn, in an exclusive setting that only Moraira can offer, making it one of the cozy and romantic restaurants in Moraira for special occasions.